1-27-21 by dave

I got to the hill this morning with overcast skies and no one around. I found out right away that The Tram was down, so I decided to take an extra day to heal my back, which is coming along with the massage machines and Asprin. It looked very dark and cold as I looked up the hill, but I am guessing the Groomers were good to go on all sides of the hill. The Morning corduroy has been exceptional every day, and it is a treat to get the first tracks on the fresh nap.

The reach of The Bird extends around the world and calls all seekers to this power point. I spent many days skiing Wachusett.

Tomorrow, look for some light accumulation and continued cold temps. The Groomers will be offering amazing lines of perfect smooth for the opening bell, and that is well worth the effort to get there for the opening bell. Off trail still has widespread interference patterns and lots of rumble. I had hoped to do some recon work today, but will have to wait till tomorrow’s festivities. More snow showers are expected all day, so dress for cold and weather. See you there for the morning explorations. Straight Ahead!!!

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