1-30-21 by dave

The Cycle finally delivered a heapin’ healpin’ of Essence that was sooo deep that all the vids I saw from today were the real deal. It seems that the old layer was forgotten for the time being. The Faithful were in full force for today’s offerings and were ready for the opening bell. This is what we all have been waiting for and those deep face shot visualizations I have been doing materialized just as I had imagined. Here are a couple of shots Mikey M sent of Lone Pine delivering the goods.

Flyin’ Brian Beck getting full platform engagement and winding up the juice to redirect the motion back into the line.
Brian releasing the juice and getting a full facial as he hits RE ENTER!!

News from Mineral Basin spoke of chest deep accumulation and an epic day back there. The pack is really shaping up in a hurry. Tomorrow, look for improving weather with good visibility, more soft snow to find around the hill, and fair pressure for the residual offerings. The Groomers will be offering amazing dial o matic carpets where you can experience your own inner Ligety. I don’t think you’ll be feeling those old slick spots at all. It should be a bit warmer, which will be a welcome feature. Dial it up, Dial it IN!!

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