1-25-21 by dave

After all the stormage we had for the past couple of days. there was some light clearing, so you could see much of the hill from time to time. There were still some out lying powder pockets to be found as evidenced by this great shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck getting the real deal long after the storm.

Full platform engagement in the turn lets you dial in extra high edge angles. Brian gets way more angles than the average bear.

The Groomers were really nice, but still are quite firm, with some glassy spots that show up as the pack gets worked. Mineral Basin was offering some nice lines and getting there early let you get the best before the pressure comes on. Off trail, the harbor chop had really worked up a froth, making hard charging through the rumble difficult. There is a long shot down canyon showing the Valley freshly flocked with freshness as well.

Cold temps, clear air and fresh snow makes for a great view of the Valley.

Tomorrow, look for some light snow flurries during the day, cold temps still in play, and great Grooming to be on tap for the morning session. Still, there may be some powder pockets if you go looking along the edges. See you there for the morning search and seek program. Straight Ahead.

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