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Perfectly smoothed lines were on tap this morning as the Grooming Crew had prepared some steep shots that do not get the nod too often. Visibility was markedly better, as the clouds were moving off, though there was a high deck making the light a tad flat now and again. Here is a shot of Mineral Basin with the clouds still low on the hills to the South.

Visibility and Sunshine really put a whole new perspective on the day.

Traffic was moderate, and there was a bit of a Tram line, but the chairs were good to go, with slide on ease. Mineral backed up a bit with the morning surge, but it was quick. Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path were offering insanely buffed lines that kept me going back to get more. Lower Lower got the smoothing nod and was offering super steep, keep it in the fall line goodness. What a treat. Tram Rat is on his way back from Tucson after a month on The Links. Here is a parting shot from the desert.

And now for something completely different!!

Tomorrow, look for a great day of Sunshine, smooth cruisers, wind worked lines, and a hill that is fat and full wall to wall. Temps will be a bit warmer, but there was a chill this morning. Look for those new steep prepared lines and get them early while they are perfect and buffed. Those South facing aspects are still very difficult with the rumble frozen up and not yielding at all.

Sunset in the Canyon is always a treat. Thanks Mike.

Here is a shot of last nights sunset, that put a nice cap on the day. I’ll be taking the day off tomorrow, so dial it in for me. Straight Ahead!!



Light stormy conditions were on tap for the morning session, with variable visibility, light snow fall, and some awesome Groomers ready for fun on all sides of the hill. With overnight wind, there were some wind smoothed lines that were supportable and fun. Mineral Basin opened after a couple of Trams landed and there was some Sun peaking through the clouds that were piling up on the front side. There was a time when it was storming to the peak on the front side of the hill and a blue bird day in Mineral Basin. Wild times. Here is a shot looking South when the Sun busted out and you could see it all.

The Storm broke for a little while this afternoon revealing a misty vista from the top of a Lewis and Clark lap.

I was looking for smooth all day and found perfect carpets that had been prepared by the Cat Crew. Lone Star was offering steep smooth chalky lines that were super fun when the world drops away. Here is a shot of Team Powder, who were planning the day and where to find the Pass to Alta.

Team Powder ready to find the goods and a Lewis and Clark adventure.

With the improved visibility, I took advantage of the window to scope out some areas, but stuck to the smooth carpets for fun and excitement. The clouds moved back in bringing the visibility back to near Zero Zero. I bailed at 2 PM to deal with a bit of Vertigo. Tomorrow, look for more amazing Groomed lines on all sides of the hill, and be keeping an eye out for more exciting new lines that may have been prepared. This is the perfect material to work into deep pile shag.

Team New Zealand at the top of a Lewis and Clark extravaganza and taking advantage of the short window of Sun.

The hill is in great shape wall to wall, with just a couple of dodgy entrances showing up with all the traffic. See you there for the early carpets. Dial it up, Dial it in!!



A fluffy addition of light Essence covered the dance floor this morning, making those smooth lines feel really fun and playful. The Grooming crew did an amazing job and you could trust the mat even in marginal visibility. Mineral Basin offered some sweet lines and not too much traffic. Off trail, there is still rumble to deal with, but some of the more obscure lines are still smooth and soft. Top to bottom carpets were the highlight of the day, and they stood up well into the afternoon.

It is so much fun to share the stoke with friends from around the world. Thanks for making it such a special day.

Tomorrow, look for a light stormy day with some precipitation. The Groomers will be epic once again, and you dial in that full platform engagement. Sure was fun getting that feel today. The off trail will still have lines that will be soft and smooth, but you’ll have to look far afield to find them. See you there for the continued shred fest. Lay It Over Like Ligety!!



There were many choices today as the remaining areas opened as they were mitigated. Last night’s wind transported a lot of snow to the High North aspects and set up other aspects, it just depended on a few degrees to change the feel. The Groomers were insane, with a deep pile shag feel that let you attain full platform engagement. The High North had a supportable surface that let you feel the turn from start to finish. When Mineral Basin opened it was a full on La Mans start, so I went for a Lewis and Clark diversion and found soft but difficult lines off trail, with the Groomers offering stellar turns. The light was off and on early, giving some definition to the dance floor. Here is a shot of the misty morning light.

The Faithful were on the spot for the opening and these Northeast aspects held the best snow of the day.

When the Road To Provo opened after Noon, it was, again, a full on push for the goods, but I went long and got fresh lines that really tested my skill set with very breakable crust and an upside down pack that made you get really real. I went back to the prepared lines after that foray. Tomorrow, look for smooth prepared lines on all sides of the hill, some overnight accumulation as another impulse is poised to move in, and great cover wall to wall. Those consistency features will still be present, so expect to be entertained. That frozen substrate is still in play, so expect some rumble. See you there for the freshies. IBBY!!



There was a lot more accumulation than predicted for this storm, making for a great day on the hill. The new installment was very dense, though it did blow up when driving through it when it was undisturbed, but became much more difficult as it got worked over. By Noon the harbor chop was wide spread and you had to look to the far outside lines to get some open pockets. With the wind blowing with stout intent, there were some brief sections that were crusty and firm, and the old substrate was still sending reverberations despite the depth and density. Here is a shot of Tomi getting a sweet line that says Deep, Deep, Deep!

Tomi, playing in the deep stuff and dialing in the fall line with unmitigated audacity!!

I bailed around 1:30PM to save my knees for tomorrow. Tomorrow, look for a break in the weather before the next storm comes in tomorrow night. There are still areas waiting in the wings that will be on tap when mitigation efforts are complete. The Groomers will be spectacular wherever you dial them and will provide full platform engagement without fail. I love when that happens. With all this new product, look for new and exciting lines to have been prepared. There have been a few new steep treats prepared in the last days and I’ll be keeping my eye out for those fresh lines.

Sarah is smiling ear to ear with today’s installment. It’s always a treat when she enters the locker room.

We’ll see you dark and early for the start of another powder filled day. The hill is in great shape, and you’ll find the goods. Stay Frosty!!



Awesome grooming was on tap this morning on all sides of the hill, with Mineral Basin offering some amazing lines and a first of the season treatment of Lone Star. That pitch has such great terrain variations that keep you dialing it in and keeping it real. Lewis and Clark offered dry chalky lines that let you dial in those high edge angles. There was a Free Ride Comp on Upper Silver Fox today and the kids were just throwing down some inspired lines. They see the terrain in a whole new way. Here is a shot looking down Canyon from the peak on first Tram.

Morning Sun plays with the the light and shadow. There is a lot of terrain down that way.

Traffic was heavy, but the up hill capacity kept the lines short and fast. There were a lot of folks on the slope, and it payed to slow down and dial in the turns. Tomorrow, look for some overnight accumulation and more snow in the forecast. Most of the hill is still fairly smooth, but there is wide spread rumble off trail. Look for the Groomers to be offering full on big mountain smooth top to bottom. The High North was smoothing out today and may be worth a look in the AM. I think traffic will be quite a bit lighter and you should be able to max the vertical. See you there for the morning fun. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!



It was really foggy here at The Trailer this morning and up on the hill there were still some clouds hanging on some peaks. It was nice to see the Sun again. I’m sure the Groomers were shredtastic with this higher density snow. Here is a shot of the West side of the Canyon.

Storm clouds gathering as the Front moves in.

Tomorrow, look for some clouds and weather later in the day. The Groomers will be offering the smooth carpets coming out, but I’ll be looking for some possible wind work. The hill is in great shape and coverage, Amazing. See you in the AM for the shred fest. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



Visibility was good for the opening bell, but the clouds were lowering quickly and snow was beginning to fall as another impulse moved in. The Grooming Crew prepared perfect carpets, as that last installment was great material to work. White Diamonds-Lower Silver Dipper got a fresh till in Mineral Basin and was a real treat with the failing visibility. There were some excellent off trail lines that were left over from yesterday that were feeling better with some wind massaging the pack. Here is a shot I took from the far reaches of a Lewis and Clark sojourn.

Smooth wind slabbed lines out on the fringes were a treat for the morning session.

The Front side of the hill was offering great prepared lines as well with the Anderson’s Hill-Lower Primrose Path combo offering off the chart dialable turns that offered full platform engagement. Snow continued to fall all day, keeping thing fresh. The Road To Provo opened to some very challenging conditions depending on aspect. I bailed out of the main line I was taking to escape the thick crust I ran into and headed directly back to the smooth and silky. Tomorrow, look for a Sunny day, with great visibility. There will still be plenty of fresh lines out and about that will be obvious in the clear light. The hill is in great shape, but expect those variable off trail lines to be challenging in places. The Groomers will be all time top to bottom. Remain Standing!!



A fair accumulation of new product fell overnight that was smooth consistent, however, it was quite dense, though wonderfully pliant. A rime event was in place, freezing ice to the outside of the goggles and affecting the new snow quickly. The early untracked lines were feeling like a chiffon desert topping that was sweet and satisfying. Once again, the Groomers were offering amazing smooth lines that let you get full platform engagement throughout each turn. It made one feel invincible. Mineral Basin opened, with Powder Paradise open, but difficult visibility made it an adventure. White Diamonds had been given a nice smoothing treatment, but trying to find the line in the fog was guess work, but once found it was perfect. The breakfast recon meeting was full of information coming in from around the hill, and the best options were considered, but all agreed the visibility issues were best served close to the trees.

Why just four?… ” because three is not enough and five is too many.” The Chairman Of The Board

Harbor chop built up later in the day, but the flow was still good and the pack was blastable. Tomorrow, look for incredible grooming efforts to be the call, though there are still areas waiting in the wings. Be advised that there will be a crust from the rime event of today and the untracked may be interesting. The hill has smoothed out with all this accumulation, so take advantage of some of the high traffic lines before they get too worked. More snow is predicted to move in during the day.

I meet the best people in the Tram Line

As a parting shot, here is Team Reno Is FUN ready to hit the surfy conditions up on the hill. Following the wind lines payed off today. Straight Ahead!



It was a sleeper powder day today, as the overnight accumulation and windy conditions did not trigger a large response. Traffic was quite light and it was walk on Trams for most of the day. The new product was quite dense, cold, and buoyant, cushioning the ride over the old layer that was still to be felt, but it did not cause too much impact. With the high winds, transported snow, as well as the storm generated accumulation, combined to make it a day of free refills. The West facing aspects were taking a beating from the wind, but the transported snow was piling up and just a bit of looking revealed the locations of build up. Here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck doing what he does best, blasting the new fallen snow into a frenzy of cold smoke.

Smooth wind swept goodness being worked by Mr. Brian Beck keeping it smooth and powerful.

I get to meet a lot of folks who are coming here for the first time. Here is a mother and daughter Powder 8’s Team who were here practicing for an up coming competition.

Perfect conditions to practice powder turns were on tap today, and these ladies were taking full advantage of the top to bottom goodness.

During the Morning Crew’s Forklift recon meeting, there was lively banter about the far reaches and deep finds. It was also a treat when Buzzy Skigrinn was presented with this stellar fruit plate. Bosco continually pushes the creative envelope in his presentations. Stunning!!

No matter how great the powder is on the hill, the highlight of the day is the Forklift stop. Perfect!!

Tomorrow, look for more overnight accumulation as the impulse still has some energy left as it moves East. The Grooming Crew will be working the hill all night long and I expect some additional Essence to add to the Hydro Velvet carpets. The off trail is getting better by the minute, but the wind is working the product and there is some variability to negotiate depending on aspect. Watch the wind direction for hints. There may be a bit more traffic, so work the Chairs for quicker options. Stay Frosty!!