1-23-20 by dave

A fair accumulation of new product fell overnight that was smooth consistent, however, it was quite dense, though wonderfully pliant. A rime event was in place, freezing ice to the outside of the goggles and affecting the new snow quickly. The early untracked lines were feeling like a chiffon desert topping that was sweet and satisfying. Once again, the Groomers were offering amazing smooth lines that let you get full platform engagement throughout each turn. It made one feel invincible. Mineral Basin opened, with Powder Paradise open, but difficult visibility made it an adventure. White Diamonds had been given a nice smoothing treatment, but trying to find the line in the fog was guess work, but once found it was perfect. The breakfast recon meeting was full of information coming in from around the hill, and the best options were considered, but all agreed the visibility issues were best served close to the trees.

Why just four?… ” because three is not enough and five is too many.” The Chairman Of The Board

Harbor chop built up later in the day, but the flow was still good and the pack was blastable. Tomorrow, look for incredible grooming efforts to be the call, though there are still areas waiting in the wings. Be advised that there will be a crust from the rime event of today and the untracked may be interesting. The hill has smoothed out with all this accumulation, so take advantage of some of the high traffic lines before they get too worked. More snow is predicted to move in during the day.

I meet the best people in the Tram Line

As a parting shot, here is Team Reno Is FUN ready to hit the surfy conditions up on the hill. Following the wind lines payed off today. Straight Ahead!

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