1-22-20 by dave

It was a sleeper powder day today, as the overnight accumulation and windy conditions did not trigger a large response. Traffic was quite light and it was walk on Trams for most of the day. The new product was quite dense, cold, and buoyant, cushioning the ride over the old layer that was still to be felt, but it did not cause too much impact. With the high winds, transported snow, as well as the storm generated accumulation, combined to make it a day of free refills. The West facing aspects were taking a beating from the wind, but the transported snow was piling up and just a bit of looking revealed the locations of build up. Here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck doing what he does best, blasting the new fallen snow into a frenzy of cold smoke.

Smooth wind swept goodness being worked by Mr. Brian Beck keeping it smooth and powerful.

I get to meet a lot of folks who are coming here for the first time. Here is a mother and daughter Powder 8’s Team who were here practicing for an up coming competition.

Perfect conditions to practice powder turns were on tap today, and these ladies were taking full advantage of the top to bottom goodness.

During the Morning Crew’s Forklift recon meeting, there was lively banter about the far reaches and deep finds. It was also a treat when Buzzy Skigrinn was presented with this stellar fruit plate. Bosco continually pushes the creative envelope in his presentations. Stunning!!

No matter how great the powder is on the hill, the highlight of the day is the Forklift stop. Perfect!!

Tomorrow, look for more overnight accumulation as the impulse still has some energy left as it moves East. The Grooming Crew will be working the hill all night long and I expect some additional Essence to add to the Hydro Velvet carpets. The off trail is getting better by the minute, but the wind is working the product and there is some variability to negotiate depending on aspect. Watch the wind direction for hints. There may be a bit more traffic, so work the Chairs for quicker options. Stay Frosty!!

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