1-26-20 by dave

Awesome grooming was on tap this morning on all sides of the hill, with Mineral Basin offering some amazing lines and a first of the season treatment of Lone Star. That pitch has such great terrain variations that keep you dialing it in and keeping it real. Lewis and Clark offered dry chalky lines that let you dial in those high edge angles. There was a Free Ride Comp on Upper Silver Fox today and the kids were just throwing down some inspired lines. They see the terrain in a whole new way. Here is a shot looking down Canyon from the peak on first Tram.

Morning Sun plays with the the light and shadow. There is a lot of terrain down that way.

Traffic was heavy, but the up hill capacity kept the lines short and fast. There were a lot of folks on the slope, and it payed to slow down and dial in the turns. Tomorrow, look for some overnight accumulation and more snow in the forecast. Most of the hill is still fairly smooth, but there is wide spread rumble off trail. Look for the Groomers to be offering full on big mountain smooth top to bottom. The High North was smoothing out today and may be worth a look in the AM. I think traffic will be quite a bit lighter and you should be able to max the vertical. See you there for the morning fun. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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