1-28-20 by dave

There were many choices today as the remaining areas opened as they were mitigated. Last night’s wind transported a lot of snow to the High North aspects and set up other aspects, it just depended on a few degrees to change the feel. The Groomers were insane, with a deep pile shag feel that let you attain full platform engagement. The High North had a supportable surface that let you feel the turn from start to finish. When Mineral Basin opened it was a full on La Mans start, so I went for a Lewis and Clark diversion and found soft but difficult lines off trail, with the Groomers offering stellar turns. The light was off and on early, giving some definition to the dance floor. Here is a shot of the misty morning light.

The Faithful were on the spot for the opening and these Northeast aspects held the best snow of the day.

When the Road To Provo opened after Noon, it was, again, a full on push for the goods, but I went long and got fresh lines that really tested my skill set with very breakable crust and an upside down pack that made you get really real. I went back to the prepared lines after that foray. Tomorrow, look for smooth prepared lines on all sides of the hill, some overnight accumulation as another impulse is poised to move in, and great cover wall to wall. Those consistency features will still be present, so expect to be entertained. That frozen substrate is still in play, so expect some rumble. See you there for the freshies. IBBY!!

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