1-27-20 by dave

There was a lot more accumulation than predicted for this storm, making for a great day on the hill. The new installment was very dense, though it did blow up when driving through it when it was undisturbed, but became much more difficult as it got worked over. By Noon the harbor chop was wide spread and you had to look to the far outside lines to get some open pockets. With the wind blowing with stout intent, there were some brief sections that were crusty and firm, and the old substrate was still sending reverberations despite the depth and density. Here is a shot of Tomi getting a sweet line that says Deep, Deep, Deep!

Tomi, playing in the deep stuff and dialing in the fall line with unmitigated audacity!!

I bailed around 1:30PM to save my knees for tomorrow. Tomorrow, look for a break in the weather before the next storm comes in tomorrow night. There are still areas waiting in the wings that will be on tap when mitigation efforts are complete. The Groomers will be spectacular wherever you dial them and will provide full platform engagement without fail. I love when that happens. With all this new product, look for new and exciting lines to have been prepared. There have been a few new steep treats prepared in the last days and I’ll be keeping my eye out for those fresh lines.

Sarah is smiling ear to ear with today’s installment. It’s always a treat when she enters the locker room.

We’ll see you dark and early for the start of another powder filled day. The hill is in great shape, and you’ll find the goods. Stay Frosty!!

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