1-31-20 by dave

Perfectly smoothed lines were on tap this morning as the Grooming Crew had prepared some steep shots that do not get the nod too often. Visibility was markedly better, as the clouds were moving off, though there was a high deck making the light a tad flat now and again. Here is a shot of Mineral Basin with the clouds still low on the hills to the South.

Visibility and Sunshine really put a whole new perspective on the day.

Traffic was moderate, and there was a bit of a Tram line, but the chairs were good to go, with slide on ease. Mineral backed up a bit with the morning surge, but it was quick. Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path were offering insanely buffed lines that kept me going back to get more. Lower Lower got the smoothing nod and was offering super steep, keep it in the fall line goodness. What a treat. Tram Rat is on his way back from Tucson after a month on The Links. Here is a parting shot from the desert.

And now for something completely different!!

Tomorrow, look for a great day of Sunshine, smooth cruisers, wind worked lines, and a hill that is fat and full wall to wall. Temps will be a bit warmer, but there was a chill this morning. Look for those new steep prepared lines and get them early while they are perfect and buffed. Those South facing aspects are still very difficult with the rumble frozen up and not yielding at all.

Sunset in the Canyon is always a treat. Thanks Mike.

Here is a shot of last nights sunset, that put a nice cap on the day. I’ll be taking the day off tomorrow, so dial it in for me. Straight Ahead!!

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