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The Faithful were on hand early and ready for the day’s offerings. Overnight accumulation was modest, but it offered beautifully soft feeling turns, both on and off trail. That far left hand line on Regulator was easy to access from the top of the Little Cloud Chair entrance. It seemed like the cover was good and the pack was still smooth as it had not been seeing any traffic. Snow was falling hard on the peak for the first couple runs, but a quick break in the clouds revealed this view of the Valley. Traffic on the hill was significant, but there was still plenty of room to move, with the side shots calling much of the interest. I stayed on the machine worked lines to take advantage of the Carvalicious feel of the prepared mat that felt soft and positive underfoot. The Tram line backed off as folks got pumped up the hill, and there were just short waits for the return laps. The other day I had stopped in to The Summit and got this early shot of an empty gathering area that would be filled with hungry folks in just a short while. I just love this space and I make it a point to sit here when the wind and snow is blowing hard. It is a very special feeling being calm in the storm. As the day wore on, the harbor chop began to build, making it tough on my knees, so I called it a day. Tomorrow, look for more accumulation as the impulses thump the skin of The Trailer with intent tonight, with some thunder claps just to add emphasis. Look for a full turn out of The Faithful for the morning’s offerings. I will be taking the day off to let my Adventure Suit rest up and regain some juice. It will be a great day on the hill, and, perhaps, there may be some more small openings. We’ll see. Strait Ahead!!



The first accumulation of this cycle was on tap for the opening bell. 5″of medium density Essence had been tilled into the mat and was offering some cushion on the off trail areas off the machine worked lines. I watched as the folks chased after the wide open soft lines, but they were feeling the sharp underlying rumble that had been worked up the past few days. I also noticed a unanimous flight back to the smooth and consistent. Visibility was marginal, however, there were enough details to follow the pockets of piled up accumulation. I was able to keep the smooth line and catch the deeper pockets. After Noon, the precipitation picked up quite a bit, and the visibility became much more challenging. I could not find a suitable shot for today, due to the visibility issues, so here is a shot of a hollow break out in the great beyondo!! Tomorrow, look for significant accumulation, continued storm conditions throughout the day, and a bump in the attendance. Temps should be quite a bit colder, so dress for storm riding. With the new accumulation of this cycle, we may see some openings coming in the next few days. We’ll have to see how much and how it sets up. Keep your deepest visualizations going, that will be the ticket. IBBY!!



Temps were warm this morning, with a high overcast and light snow falling as the Tram arrived on the peak. Freshly worked lines had been prepared and the prepublic flurries had left a nice soft feel to the corduroy. While the light was flat, there was enough light to keep the details well defined and easy to read. Here is a shot of the Valley with a bit of a break in the clouds that helped keep the light working. Snow making efforts had been suspended due to the warmer temps, but the Cat Crew had worked the mat smooth wall to wall. With the light traffic, it kept the wide open feel happening all day long. Coverage is still excellent on the prepared lines, but the weather report is looking to bring a generous cycle. I stopped in the peak to enjoy the quiet, and was drawn to this fresh SLAB O ZZA just hot out of the oven. It is great to be able to get a stellar slice at 11,000′!!! Tomorrow, look for accumulation to have fallen overnight. How much is anyone’s guess, but it is just the beginning and this will go a long way to getting this party started. Traffic will be light again in the AM. Be sure to dress for weather. The new open area across from the Pharmacy is becoming quite popular. Here is a shot of the folks enjoying the space!! See you there for the morning fun. GOOD VIBRATIONS!!



The temps were higher this morning, with a base temp of 35 degrees as I parked my car. There was a high cloud deck that filtered the Sun, but some openings made the details stand out. Another great job of Snow Making and Grooming made the prepared runs delightful as they offered dry chalky lines that let you dial it up. Traffic was very light and there was plenty of room on the Tram and it was fun catching up with the new arrivals after a long Summer of adventure. Here are two of my most favorite folks who were stoked to be on the peak and ready to get the goods. The Sun did burn through the overcast and the afternoon session offered sunny lines and soft smooth turns, that made it easier to keep the pace in the window. It is tempting to let it fly, but my legs are going to need a bit more time. These are great training days with the fast laps and quick turnaround. It looks like there is some weather coming in the next few days, so it will be fun to see how it all shakes out. Tomorrow, look for more smooth corduroy goodness for the morning session. I expect visibility to be an issue as more clouds move in ahead of the next system. Coverage remains excellent on the prepared lines and you can feel confident locking in an edge. See you there for the first Tram. Dial it up, Dial it in!!!



The Sun was bright, and there was not a breath of wind as the Tram hit the peak. The Morning Crew was treated to billiard table smooth velvet lines were the offering for the morning session. The Snow Making and Cat smoothing efforts were amazing, with lots of cover on the main runs top to bottom. Traffic was light and there was plenty of room on the morning Trams, though there was more traffic in the afternoon, but never a line. Here is a shot of some of the Morning Crew members stoked to be getting ready for the day. A huge shout out to the crews who have made this a really fun opening. The surfaces were feeling dry and chalky, with just a couple of slick spots, but there was plenty of loose dust to dial it back. It was so much fun having Regulator in the mix, making those full vertical runs fast and fun. I stayed well after the Forklift stop and took advantage of the deepening dust accumulation under the right hand side of Regulator, that felt Mid Winter deluxe. Here is a shot of #1, who left us a couple of years ago, but who’s place stands as a call to remember all those who have left us, and today we can make the turns for them. Tomorrow, look for more dry chalky lines for the opening bell. We should still be seeing clear skies, and I don’t think it will be cold. I got away with just sunglasses right from the start this morning. See you for smooth velvet lines. Why NOT?



It was a bright beautiful morning to start day 2 of the new season. Temps. were brisk, but I dressed for the occasion and was fine. The crowd was moderate and the line was moving fast after the first push was pumped up the hill. That new installment yesterday was very high density and went a long way to making the pack full and fat on the prepared lines. Off the machine worked lines down lower, the cover seemed to be packing out very well, with interference patterns building all the way down the right hand side of Emma, and it looked like it was good to go. Here is a shot of my friend Brenda just as the Sun came up over the ridge. A beautiful sunny face for a beautiful sunny morning. The Tram may have opened later in the day, but I had left to avoid the increasing traffic. Safety Patrol was out in force, however, the traffic seemed very polite, keeping the pace very realistic and I really enjoyed the dry chalky surfaces that felt like mid Winter. It was a treat to feel the edge on the carpet again. Tomorrow, I will be looking for the Tram to expand the run length, and if today’s offerings were any indication, it should be great as well. More Sun should be on tap and I think the temps will be moderate as well. I’ll see you for the opening bell in the AM. Stay Frosty!!



With this long stretch of clear cold weather, the Snow Making Team has been hard at it 24/7, leaving the main run down from the top in very good condition. I was talking to some of the Patrol yesterday, who told me the cover was excellent on the main snow worked runs, but off trail was going to be very iffy. The Weather Guy has been promising a big cycle of snow starting Thursday and extending over a few days. That may be just the ticket to get things started. I don’t know if the area will be open from the top of the Tram, so you’ll just have to be there to see. I will be Off Planet for the next few days, but should be able to make it back through the Portal for Sunday’s offerings. I am stoked to be here on the threshold of, yet, another season and am looking forward to enjoying all the new amenities that the hard working folks have prepared for us. I am especially looking forward to that new area across from the Pharmacy. What a very cool space. See there on Sunday, and look for a first hand report that evening and, of course, I will posting daily thereafter. IBBY!!!



The temps have been quite cold despite the sunny weather, and the snow guns are blazing, putting down and iron clad base to kick things off. With the cold temps, the guns are really producing a lot of volume, and, from the base of Big Emma, the cats are able to push the piles around. Higher up on the hill, the few impulses that have passed since the weather turned have been adding up, but the lower mountain will still need a good dump or two. Down at the Center, the additional improvements have taken shape and are ready for the Winter use. Here is a shot of the bridge to The Cliff, which is complete, and with the railings installed looks really nice. On the second level, the open area is now fully furnished and ready to rock with charging stations, high top tables, couches, and big screens, making it a very cool place to chill. I am looking forward to hanging out there during breaks in the action. I stocked up my locker with all the necessary gear so when they turn on the fun key I will be ready to suit up and dial it in. I got a new pair of Dynastar 96 skis for the season, but I will wait a bit to break them out, while I rely on last year’s pair to kick things off. If you are coming out this season, The Chef has a beautiful B&B 1 mile from the 215 freeway and 3 miles from the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. Being so close to the Freeway and Canyons, makes it a great place to base your snow excrursions anywhere along the Wasatch. Check out his site for details and reservations. Here is The Chef himself, who, along with Silvye will give you a great experience. It won’t be long now, there are some signals coming from the Surf Bouy that suggest some changes in the weather. Just in time. Do your best visualizations and help manifest a boomer so we can get this party started. Straight Ahead!!