11-28-18 by dave

Temps were warm this morning, with a high overcast and light snow falling as the Tram arrived on the peak. Freshly worked lines had been prepared and the prepublic flurries had left a nice soft feel to the corduroy. While the light was flat, there was enough light to keep the details well defined and easy to read. Here is a shot of the Valley with a bit of a break in the clouds that helped keep the light working. Snow making efforts had been suspended due to the warmer temps, but the Cat Crew had worked the mat smooth wall to wall. With the light traffic, it kept the wide open feel happening all day long. Coverage is still excellent on the prepared lines, but the weather report is looking to bring a generous cycle. I stopped in the peak to enjoy the quiet, and was drawn to this fresh SLAB O ZZA just hot out of the oven. It is great to be able to get a stellar slice at 11,000′!!! Tomorrow, look for accumulation to have fallen overnight. How much is anyone’s guess, but it is just the beginning and this will go a long way to getting this party started. Traffic will be light again in the AM. Be sure to dress for weather. The new open area across from the Pharmacy is becoming quite popular. Here is a shot of the folks enjoying the space!! See you there for the morning fun. GOOD VIBRATIONS!!

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