11-29-18 by dave

The first accumulation of this cycle was on tap for the opening bell. 5″of medium density Essence had been tilled into the mat and was offering some cushion on the off trail areas off the machine worked lines. I watched as the folks chased after the wide open soft lines, but they were feeling the sharp underlying rumble that had been worked up the past few days. I also noticed a unanimous flight back to the smooth and consistent. Visibility was marginal, however, there were enough details to follow the pockets of piled up accumulation. I was able to keep the smooth line and catch the deeper pockets. After Noon, the precipitation picked up quite a bit, and the visibility became much more challenging. I could not find a suitable shot for today, due to the visibility issues, so here is a shot of a hollow break out in the great beyondo!! Tomorrow, look for significant accumulation, continued storm conditions throughout the day, and a bump in the attendance. Temps should be quite a bit colder, so dress for storm riding. With the new accumulation of this cycle, we may see some openings coming in the next few days. We’ll have to see how much and how it sets up. Keep your deepest visualizations going, that will be the ticket. IBBY!!

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