11-26-18 by dave

The Sun was bright, and there was not a breath of wind as the Tram hit the peak. The Morning Crew was treated to billiard table smooth velvet lines were the offering for the morning session. The Snow Making and Cat smoothing efforts were amazing, with lots of cover on the main runs top to bottom. Traffic was light and there was plenty of room on the morning Trams, though there was more traffic in the afternoon, but never a line. Here is a shot of some of the Morning Crew members stoked to be getting ready for the day. A huge shout out to the crews who have made this a really fun opening. The surfaces were feeling dry and chalky, with just a couple of slick spots, but there was plenty of loose dust to dial it back. It was so much fun having Regulator in the mix, making those full vertical runs fast and fun. I stayed well after the Forklift stop and took advantage of the deepening dust accumulation under the right hand side of Regulator, that felt Mid Winter deluxe. Here is a shot of #1, who left us a couple of years ago, but who’s place stands as a call to remember all those who have left us, and today we can make the turns for them. Tomorrow, look for more dry chalky lines for the opening bell. We should still be seeing clear skies, and I don’t think it will be cold. I got away with just sunglasses right from the start this morning. See you for smooth velvet lines. Why NOT?

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