11-30-18 by dave

The Faithful were on hand early and ready for the day’s offerings. Overnight accumulation was modest, but it offered beautifully soft feeling turns, both on and off trail. That far left hand line on Regulator was easy to access from the top of the Little Cloud Chair entrance. It seemed like the cover was good and the pack was still smooth as it had not been seeing any traffic. Snow was falling hard on the peak for the first couple runs, but a quick break in the clouds revealed this view of the Valley. Traffic on the hill was significant, but there was still plenty of room to move, with the side shots calling much of the interest. I stayed on the machine worked lines to take advantage of the Carvalicious feel of the prepared mat that felt soft and positive underfoot. The Tram line backed off as folks got pumped up the hill, and there were just short waits for the return laps. The other day I had stopped in to The Summit and got this early shot of an empty gathering area that would be filled with hungry folks in just a short while. I just love this space and I make it a point to sit here when the wind and snow is blowing hard. It is a very special feeling being calm in the storm. As the day wore on, the harbor chop began to build, making it tough on my knees, so I called it a day. Tomorrow, look for more accumulation as the impulses thump the skin of The Trailer with intent tonight, with some thunder claps just to add emphasis. Look for a full turn out of The Faithful for the morning’s offerings. I will be taking the day off to let my Adventure Suit rest up and regain some juice. It will be a great day on the hill, and, perhaps, there may be some more small openings. We’ll see. Strait Ahead!!

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