11-25-18 by dave

It was a bright beautiful morning to start day 2 of the new season. Temps. were brisk, but I dressed for the occasion and was fine. The crowd was moderate and the line was moving fast after the first push was pumped up the hill. That new installment yesterday was very high density and went a long way to making the pack full and fat on the prepared lines. Off the machine worked lines down lower, the cover seemed to be packing out very well, with interference patterns building all the way down the right hand side of Emma, and it looked like it was good to go. Here is a shot of my friend Brenda just as the Sun came up over the ridge. A beautiful sunny face for a beautiful sunny morning. The Tram may have opened later in the day, but I had left to avoid the increasing traffic. Safety Patrol was out in force, however, the traffic seemed very polite, keeping the pace very realistic and I really enjoyed the dry chalky surfaces that felt like mid Winter. It was a treat to feel the edge on the carpet again. Tomorrow, I will be looking for the Tram to expand the run length, and if today’s offerings were any indication, it should be great as well. More Sun should be on tap and I think the temps will be moderate as well. I’ll see you for the opening bell in the AM. Stay Frosty!!

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