11-10-18 by dave

The temps have been quite cold despite the sunny weather, and the snow guns are blazing, putting down and iron clad base to kick things off. With the cold temps, the guns are really producing a lot of volume, and, from the base of Big Emma, the cats are able to push the piles around. Higher up on the hill, the few impulses that have passed since the weather turned have been adding up, but the lower mountain will still need a good dump or two. Down at the Center, the additional improvements have taken shape and are ready for the Winter use. Here is a shot of the bridge to The Cliff, which is complete, and with the railings installed looks really nice. On the second level, the open area is now fully furnished and ready to rock with charging stations, high top tables, couches, and big screens, making it a very cool place to chill. I am looking forward to hanging out there during breaks in the action. I stocked up my locker with all the necessary gear so when they turn on the fun key I will be ready to suit up and dial it in. I got a new pair of Dynastar 96 skis for the season, but I will wait a bit to break them out, while I rely on last year’s pair to kick things off. If you are coming out this season, The Chef has a beautiful B&B 1 mile from the 215 freeway and 3 miles from the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. Being so close to the Freeway and Canyons, makes it a great place to base your snow excrursions anywhere along the Wasatch. Check out his site for details and reservations. Here is The Chef himself, who, along with Silvye will give you a great experience. It won’t be long now, there are some signals coming from the Surf Bouy that suggest some changes in the weather. Just in time. Do your best visualizations and help manifest a boomer so we can get this party started. Straight Ahead!!

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