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The Canyon was snowed out today with no up traffic in the Canyon and The Bird did not open up. There were some interesting videos coming from UDOT of the slides being released up and down the Canyon. Wynonna did her best to initiate this cycle when things were looking thin.

Those are the type of techniques that seem to work the best. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. The hill is fat and ready for more as another impulse is coming in right now. Stay Frosty!!



The hill was prime for holiday powder today and The Faithful were on hand for festivities. There were still lots of lines left to ply and now you can just go everywhere, which is a real treat after that long stretch of low snow. The Groomers were off the chart shredastic, with all those slick spots of a couple weeks ago a footnote in the season’s history. Here is a shot of the Sun illuminating Tower 4. Wynonna sent this along, and it is really magical.

You have to be in the right place at the right time to get a shot like this. Magical!!

Another storm is coming in for the next couple of days and the Canyon will be closed tonight and will open in the AM. Check the road report for up to date info. If we get as much as predicted, we will be really pushing the fun meter and the quality meter to the extreme. I was teaching one of the Hosts at The Forklift the proper visualization techniques before all this started, so I think we hit on a strong Powder Vibration that is still reverberating now and will continue. IBBY!!!



Another dump was delivered to the Front as the pattern continues to flow consistently over the area. There was a delay in the Canyon, but it opened a 8AM sharp, and most of the early risers were able to get up on the hill fairly quickly. With 17″ of fresh medium density Essence on tap, it was fantastic day of Powder Immersion. Here are a couple of shots from today that testify to the goodness and depth.

Tomi McCarthy going deep and getting it all.
Charlie Schaul keeping it smooth and consistent in perfect conditions.

Here is a shot of Mikey M. He is always driving the line and holding the pocket.

The Medium density Essence was in blower mode, but not quit ulta blower.

Tomorrow, look for a continuation in the Flow Pattern that we are in. More amazing conditions wall to wall, making the mountain full in Prim Time. Remain Standing!!



As anticipated, the storm had moved into The Front early, making the road a challenge for The Faithful, who were stoked to be in line and ready for fun. This installment delivered 11” of dense Essence, which is just what we need to build the pack for the coming installments in the next couple of days. Visibility was at a premium and using the trees for reference was helpful.

Professor Tom spelling things out in clouds of white dust. There will be a quiz!!
Flyin’ Brian Beck focused in the fall line and bringing the horse power for added articulation.

The Canyon was closed for avalanche mitigation work, leaving the hill light on the lift lines and deep on the powder. Tomorrow, look for more overnight accumulation, with more during the day. The hill is in great shape wall to wall, and you will get what you are looking for no problem. Enjoy the fresh Essence, it’s been a long time comin’! Straight Ahead!!



It was as windy and stormy day today, with The Faithful in attendance for the occasion. There was plenty of accumulation during the day and some of the big lines were happening and were on tap for those who knew the pulse of the hill.

Mike Mc Carthy out on Baldy today, getting the smooth goodness that going that far out will deliver.
Flyin’ Brian Beck getting his share out on Baldy and blowing it up with full Power Glide.
Mikey M digging in deep and experiencing full platform engagement.

The hill is prime wall to wall with great conditions and a lot more snow on the way for the next few days, measured in feet. Get ready for The Promise of The Wasatch, which will blow expectations and deliver the dream we have been awaiting. Tomorrow, look for heavy snow storm conditions, and limited access to the hill as the conditions become extreme. Keep your sense of position on the hill as the visibility goes South. It’s going to be big. Stay Frosty!!!



Light wind transported buff covered the dance floor this morning, offering smooth turns that let you dial in your inner Ligety. Ski Patrol Gully opened for the first time of the season, which the Morning Crew took full advantage of the soft smooth lines that were waiting there. Here is a shot that Neil sent of this rare site.

First look into Ski Patrol Gully which we have been keeping and eye on all season.

The wind smoothed lines were still holding up, and that was a nice feature as the visibility overall was difficult. Staying with the tree lines was the best call for reference. Tomorrow, look for overnight accumulation as we move into a very active pattern for the next while. The hill is in great shape to take on a big cycle, and this will push the pack into the phat stage. I’ll be checking indicator rocks on the way up the Canyon as the days go by, as they really tell the story about how much snow is on the hill. Snow Deep, Snow Good!!!



It was a partly Sunny day today, with a mixture of clouds passing by. The Groomers were offering wide open carptets of AHHHHH on all sides of the hill, and there were still some of those wind smoothed lines out and about on the North facing aspects. Here are a couple of shots that Jake sent of the Morning Crew’s explorations.

The Traverse to the Pass lead to some smooth wind smooth lines.
Soft smooth lines are the pay off for looking far afield and finding the MONEY on the low angle pitches.

Tomorrow, look for some light overnight accumulation, with variable visibility. The Groomers will be offering the smooth lines on all sides of the hill, but look to the low areas and tree lines to be holding some extra depth. Those wind lines will still be holding the smooth in the far reaches, and some exploration may well pay off. Remain Standing!!!



The storm they forecast for today nearly hit the hill, but didn’t quite, leaving only and inch or so of freshness and some difficult visibility. None the less, the intrepid found their lines just where they left them yesterday, where there were still some nice smooth wind buffed lines available. The Groomers offered the great standby smooth, and staying with the trees aided navigation. Here is a shot from the middle of the hill with some fresh turning.

Following the wind and working the hunches!!

Tomorrow, look for continued flurries and variable visibility. There still should be some wind smoothed lines out and about, that may be holding the smooth in the vagaries of the visibility. The Groomers will be providing smooth sliding on all sides of the hill. It is great to have good cover so you can look farther afield. Watch your six!!



The winds blew hard out of the South, moving what was not nailed down into the North facing aspects. The consistency of some of the big high elevation shots were like smooth billiard tables, which let you luxuriate in each turn without any vibration. That’s the MONEY!! Those areas that got scoured were difficult and variable and needed to be respected. The Groomers, too, were off the chart amazing, with the Sun shining and the wind keeping the lines untracked. The Tram was down till after Noon, and traffic was light.

Niel and Jake waving hello from the Peak. It is nice to take the time to appreciate the uniqueness of this Power Point!

Tomorrow, look for those smooth lines to still be in place, Groomers will be amazing top to bottom, and don’t forget to check those new big prepared lines on the bottom of the hill. Snow is in the forecast, so dress for weather, and expect visibility issues. Those wind lines are some of my most favorite conditions, got to get them when they come around. IBBY!!!



With the winds blowing hard, the Tram was on hold all day. The soft pack had been blown off, leaving the off trail scoured and not as smooth as one would hope. Pressure on the hill was much lighter today with it being Game Day.. The Groomers had worked the Lower Primrose section for the first time of the season, which was a real treat and added a huge smooth piece of vertical on the lower section of the mountain. Here is another shot of those wild clouds that Jake sent along yesterday.

A nice Winter pattern of clouds hanging in the sky post storm. Looking for signs for future deliveries.

Tomorrow, look for great Grooming efforts on all sides of the hill. I’ll be looking for some wind smoothed threads that may be set up around the clock, we’ll have to see. Coverage it much better after this last cycle, so look out on the traverses for more options. Straight Ahead!!