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It was an all time day today, with fresh powder wall to wall that had to be some of the very best quality to date. It also helped to have the Sun shining and plenty of areas to open as mitigation efforts were completed. Here is a shot of Mikey M’s buddy Tony, getting a beautifully fresh line out of the bottom of Great Scott.

Bright Sun, wide open lines, perfect Powder, and all the time in the world to write your name!!

Mineral Basin opened, with some windy conditions back there that kept the Powder fresh and dialable. Here is Mikey M getting a no pressure line down one of the many steep sections.

As good as it gets and Mikey M has a way of sniffing out the goods regularly.

With the cold temps and wind keeping the pack refrigerated, the quality held up perfectly all day. Tomorrow, look for more of those out of the way lines to still be tempting, good visibility, and off the charts sweet Groomers to dial in your Inner Ligety. With the blue skies overhead, Jake caught this shot of the Mother Ship parked over the Valley. It was nice talking to them when they came knocking.

It’s always fun to see folks from the Home Planet

Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



The Faithful were primed and ready for a perfect storm and it was delivered wall to wall. There was high pressure for the goods and who could blame anyone. With the Storm out of the North, the quality was all time, and, with the recent accumulations the past few days, the pack was prime for this addition. As the Storm kicked in, there were free refills as the wind and snow worked to keep the pack just right for such a day. Not too long ago, I was asked if it was going to snow like it used to, and I answered that it always snows like it used to, we just forget. I always refer back to the conversations I have had with The CHEF ,who keeps the records of the Promise Of The Wasatch, and he concurs, that it WILL come and we must have faith.

The CHEF, the prognosticator of prognosticators knows and trusts The Promise Of The Wasatch

The snow has come and there is more on the way, so be sure you are stoked and ready. Tomorrow, look for another amazing day at The Bird with better visibility, areas yet to open, high pressure for the goods, but plenty to go around when it’s GO Time. Run silent, Run DEEP!!



There was a rapid accumulation due to the Lake Effect that moved into the front early in the morning. 5 or 6″ covered the hill for the opening bell and The Faithful were on hand to get after it first thing. It moved through fast, leaving some variable visibility, with some window of Sun and fog. Mineral Basin was socked in to start things out, and it was not readily obvious when the rope dropped. Those who happened to be on hand for that treat got smooth fresh lines top to bottom on the section that did open. Here is a shot that Wynonna sent of one of the Sun windows that broke out.

Sun, Clouds, and soft pack made today a treat for the folks how showed up for the festivities.

The hill is filling in quickly, and many of those areas you may have been avoiding are good to go. Tomorrow, look for and early frontal arrival for the day, which will bring some significant accumulation. Expect snow all day long, so dress for storm riding and cold temps. This storm is coming right out of the North, so the quality will be excellent. More snow on the way later in the week, so enjoy tomorrow, and get ready for the continued freshies. Keep it tight!!!



I was breezy, with some windows of blue sky out ahead of the front that was on it’s way. Here is a long shot looking South toward Sundance with a cloud deck obscuring the higher peaks.

I love those windows of Sun in far off places, just before the Storm descends.

The Front moved in swiftly with a vengeance, bringing hard driving snow in rapid accumulation. Here is a shot of one of the last patches of blue of the morning.

It is amazing being up toward the Peak, when the wind begins to howl. Harden up and get ready.

There was not a huge amount of accumulation, but enough to soften the ride and give you a sense of being out in the Storm. Today, Tram Rat returned to The Bird after a month of Gold in AZ. It was great to have him back on the hill.

Tram Rat was stoked to be back on deck with the Morning Crew, where notes were compared about the best lines on the Lewis and Clark side of things.

Tomorrow, look for some additional accumulation over night and some Lake Effect snow well into the morning. Visibility will be variable, so stick with the trees for the best resolution. Looks like more storms are lines up for the next couple of days. See the Line, BE the Line!!



The Sun was trying to burn through the high cloud deck that was leading out ahead of another impulse that will add precipitation to the hill overnight and on into the morning. The high winds at the upper elevations kept the Tram Pending for most of the day. Most of the remote areas were opened with dense conditions that made you really work for it. The Groomers were offering the best quality, with smooth corduroy lines that let you dial in your inner Ligety!! Here is a shot of the Sunday Cliffs, where a significant release let you know the hazards are real.

This was looking so good the other day, but now it is back to square one. More snow in the forecast will begin to heal this.

Today was Groundhog’s Day and I guess there will be 6 more weeks of Winter. After a slow start, I am hoping for the rest of the season to be gangbusters. Here is a shot of one of the Dinos taking a peak out of The Cave to see his shadow.

The Groundhog has nothing on this crew of prognosticators. Where is this? Forwarded to Jake for photo credit.

Tomorrow, look for new snow on The Dance Floor. Expect the off trail to still be quite stiff and difficult. Visibility will be at a premium, and dressing for weather is advised. Pressure for the goods will be a given, so get there early for the jump on the scene. Remain Standing!!



It was the start of a new week after a significant dump on the hill. The last installment was very dense and the tracked out sections have set up stout rumble that is very hard to move through. The Road To Provo opened for first Tram and the group went out there to check out the quality. Most dove off the first section and missed the traverse, which was extremely wind worked. The pack was set up as well with only a few sections that were spared the wind work. I made a calculated descent and a bee line to the machine worked lines. The snowboard faction seemed to deal with the variations better than the skiers, and I watched for a while as they dialed in some surfy turns. I was kind of jealous.

The Danny’s were stoked and ready for the day as I hit the center this morning. So fun to see all the Crew back on deck.

The Groomers were the highlight of the day, offering smooth carpets of AHHHHH that could be counted on for consistent edge grip without those pesky slick areas we have been dodging recently. Out in Mineral Basin, the Groomers had been given a first till and needed to be taken lightly as the surface crust would punch through if you stuck the edge too hard. The Front of the hill has been worked a couple of times in the last few days and was holding up under high edge angles. Who Dunnit was a real treat with the terrain variations still in play, which offer some real roller coaster feeling transitions. Really Fun. Tomorrow, look for a partly cloudy day, with great Grooming on all sides of the hill. I will be looking for some of the new sections to be prepared this season, as they are feeling really good, and add a lot of options. See you there for the carve Fest!! IBBY!