2-10-21 by dave

It was a partly Sunny day today, with a mixture of clouds passing by. The Groomers were offering wide open carptets of AHHHHH on all sides of the hill, and there were still some of those wind smoothed lines out and about on the North facing aspects. Here are a couple of shots that Jake sent of the Morning Crew’s explorations.

The Traverse to the Pass lead to some smooth wind smooth lines.
Soft smooth lines are the pay off for looking far afield and finding the MONEY on the low angle pitches.

Tomorrow, look for some light overnight accumulation, with variable visibility. The Groomers will be offering the smooth lines on all sides of the hill, but look to the low areas and tree lines to be holding some extra depth. Those wind lines will still be holding the smooth in the far reaches, and some exploration may well pay off. Remain Standing!!!

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