2-08-21 by dave

The winds blew hard out of the South, moving what was not nailed down into the North facing aspects. The consistency of some of the big high elevation shots were like smooth billiard tables, which let you luxuriate in each turn without any vibration. That’s the MONEY!! Those areas that got scoured were difficult and variable and needed to be respected. The Groomers, too, were off the chart amazing, with the Sun shining and the wind keeping the lines untracked. The Tram was down till after Noon, and traffic was light.

Niel and Jake waving hello from the Peak. It is nice to take the time to appreciate the uniqueness of this Power Point!

Tomorrow, look for those smooth lines to still be in place, Groomers will be amazing top to bottom, and don’t forget to check those new big prepared lines on the bottom of the hill. Snow is in the forecast, so dress for weather, and expect visibility issues. Those wind lines are some of my most favorite conditions, got to get them when they come around. IBBY!!!

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