2-14-21 by dave

Another dump was delivered to the Front as the pattern continues to flow consistently over the area. There was a delay in the Canyon, but it opened a 8AM sharp, and most of the early risers were able to get up on the hill fairly quickly. With 17″ of fresh medium density Essence on tap, it was fantastic day of Powder Immersion. Here are a couple of shots from today that testify to the goodness and depth.

Tomi McCarthy going deep and getting it all.
Charlie Schaul keeping it smooth and consistent in perfect conditions.

Here is a shot of Mikey M. He is always driving the line and holding the pocket.

The Medium density Essence was in blower mode, but not quit ulta blower.

Tomorrow, look for a continuation in the Flow Pattern that we are in. More amazing conditions wall to wall, making the mountain full in Prim Time. Remain Standing!!

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