2-15-21 by dave

The hill was prime for holiday powder today and The Faithful were on hand for festivities. There were still lots of lines left to ply and now you can just go everywhere, which is a real treat after that long stretch of low snow. The Groomers were off the chart shredastic, with all those slick spots of a couple weeks ago a footnote in the season’s history. Here is a shot of the Sun illuminating Tower 4. Wynonna sent this along, and it is really magical.

You have to be in the right place at the right time to get a shot like this. Magical!!

Another storm is coming in for the next couple of days and the Canyon will be closed tonight and will open in the AM. Check the road report for up to date info. If we get as much as predicted, we will be really pushing the fun meter and the quality meter to the extreme. I was teaching one of the Hosts at The Forklift the proper visualization techniques before all this started, so I think we hit on a strong Powder Vibration that is still reverberating now and will continue. IBBY!!!

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