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The recent warm weather has really been workin’ the pack, making even the lower elevations on the North side of the hill very firm and a touch scratchy. Out in Mineral Basin, White Diamonds, and Lower Silver Dipper had been prepared as well as the lower section of Lone Star, which offered smooth cruising lines, though it was evident the consistency had changed in the last few days. I was still working that left over groomed section of Upper Primrose Path that was holding the smooth, though there was some static in the line that kept you checking the speed to maintain an even ride. Here is a shot of Grace helping folks on the peak and giving them the 411.

Grace really goes the extra mile to make sure the guests have real time information and brings a bright smile to The Summit.

As the day warmed up, the pack began to soften up, making the turns feel much smoother and pliable. Tomorrow, look for another great day of rocking the smooth lines. Those due South faces were getting down right sloppy later in the day, so expect some serious crunch and chunk on those off trail aspects. The Groomers will still be offering great prepared lines, with those upper elevation North aspects still offering dry chalk.

This gentleman reads the report every day and was on hand for today’s recon considerations. I so enjoy meeting the folks that follow the site.

There is a storm coming in for the weekend, but I think we will squeeze one more day of fun in the Sun before we get back into the soft zone. Check the hill for the smooth lines so you will know where they live when the pack gets covered up. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!!



While the morning was cool, the temps were much warmer and got down right balmy later in the day. The Groomers were excellent on all sides of the hill, but the pack is firming up on all elevations. Still, the North aspects are still holding the dry chalky feel, though the firmness is evident. The rumble and interference patterns are building up now with the traffic and lack of significant accumulation. I went out on some test lines only to make a hasty return to the smooth prepared lines. With a delay on the opening of Mineral Basin, The Morning Crew split up and went in search of the wide varieties of lines on the front of the hill. We were joined for the morning recon meeting by Joe from Attatash, who reads the reports daily. It was great to have him join the festivities.

Resisting the push to obtain smart phones, we both opt for the Flip Phone. We both have access to The SHIP in orbit.

Tomorrow, look for another day of warming temps, sunshine, and beautifully prepared lines on all sides of the hill. Mineral Basin should be good to go from the start. Watch those due South aspects that caught all that Sun today, they will be crispy in the AM. I will still be working the smooth lines and getting those high edge angles.

This couple brought the full Laurelwood Lifestyle with them today and were ready to get the Snowbird Magic going.

I expect an early push, but the lines have been fast or nonexistent. The vertical option is wide open and you can rack up as much as you can take. See you there for the morning fun in the Sun. Remain Standing!!



There was a cloud deck floating by this morning, but the Sun made an appearance for the morning session that made the visibility excellent on all sides of the hill. In Mineral Basin, Lone Star had been prepared from the top and was continually smoothed by the stout North wind that was blowing at the higher elevations. On the front of the hill, The Big Smooth had been given the full treatment, which offered dust covered corduroy that let you dial in your inner Ligety. Off trail was still variable, but the smooth lines from yesterday were still holding up. Lighter traffic made the back to back laps fun and fast with those big front side drops vacant and buffed. Here is a shot of Nancy, who joined The Morning Crew for the daily recon meeting. She got the 411 on the best lines to work for the afternoon session.

Nancy got the inside scoop up on the conditions after a breakfast stop with the Morning Crew.

The clouds moved in after Noon, making the light go flat and the visibility became marginal. I bailed when the lights went out. Tomorrow, look for better visibility, still cold morning temps. and amazing grooming efforts on all sides of the hill. Look for more of the freshly prepared lines that they have been putting in without much fanfare. Golden treasures if you keep your eye out.

Salt Lake Twins in the late afternoon Sun looking fully fat and very 3D.

Here is a parting shot of The Salt Lake Twins that I took yesterday with the clean air and the golden moment of light. Straight Ahead!!



After yesterday’s storm day it was nice to get a fresh look at the hill with the Sun shining brightly, and a stout NW wind blowing to keep the morning chill going. Powder Paradise opened in Mineral Basin and The Faithful were well represented and made a bee line for the N facing aspects. I chose poorly and ended up in some serious interference patterns beautifully disguised as perfectly smooth. Ski Patrol Gully opened and The Morning Crew was on it and lapped the access before it was noticed. Here is a shot of Neil’s line off the traverse there.

Ski Patrol Gully was offering an easy foot of perfect Essence on top of a rather crusty substrate. Neil makes it look easy, it was not.

There were lot of other choices for the day, with Road To Provo opening and The Big Smooth offering top to bottom perfection wall to wall. Here is a shot of Brian Beck dialing up the Cold Smoke.

Brian Beck working the high edge angles on a Mineral Basin aspect. Keep it tight!

Tomorrow, look for more Sun, and amazing machine worked lines on all sides of the hill. I think they will be even more consistent than they were today. Look around for new and exciting additions to the offerings. Lower Lower was especially good today. There is still soft snow all over the hill, but the substrate is still in play. See you there for the first boat.

Last of the storm clouds. High and dry coming.

Speed safely!!



The front was delayed moving in by a couple of hours, leaving the Canyon road good to go top to bottom. Big lacy flakes of Essence were falling on The Trailer as I left for the hill, where there was an inch of fresh in the parking lot and more coming every minute. The Faithful were on deck early for the new installment. On the hill, there was between 3 to 5″ of medium density product covering the Dance Floor, but the substrate was crunchy and crusty, so turns were quite inconsistent. Those smooth off trail lines were nice, and here is a shot of Mikey M out on the smooth lines on Baldy.

Mikey M getting the most out of the overnight accumulation.

The Morning Crew did a front side attack to start and jumped on The Peruvian Chair where there was no waiting for the second run. We took The Tunnel to Mineral Basin, where the visibility was variable and had few takers, making those low angle lines wide open and consistent. Here is a shot of Brian Beck out in the Exotic Trees.

Brian Beck staying close to the trees for the best reference points in the variable visibility and getting it all.

I left after Noon due to the dust on crust consistency. Here is a shot of The Afternoon Crew suiting up for the second shift.

The Afternoon Crew suited up and ready to play after getting the 411 on the situation. They were stoked!!

Tomorrow, look for the storm to have moved off and, perhaps, some residual clouds, but expect Sun. The Grooming Crew will make good use of the fresh accumulation and the fresh lines should be sweet with a soft flannel feel. There will still be some lines waiting in the wings, but the dust on crust thing will still be happening. See you there for the fresh fun. Dial it up, Dial it in!!