3-01-20 by dave

The front was delayed moving in by a couple of hours, leaving the Canyon road good to go top to bottom. Big lacy flakes of Essence were falling on The Trailer as I left for the hill, where there was an inch of fresh in the parking lot and more coming every minute. The Faithful were on deck early for the new installment. On the hill, there was between 3 to 5″ of medium density product covering the Dance Floor, but the substrate was crunchy and crusty, so turns were quite inconsistent. Those smooth off trail lines were nice, and here is a shot of Mikey M out on the smooth lines on Baldy.

Mikey M getting the most out of the overnight accumulation.

The Morning Crew did a front side attack to start and jumped on The Peruvian Chair where there was no waiting for the second run. We took The Tunnel to Mineral Basin, where the visibility was variable and had few takers, making those low angle lines wide open and consistent. Here is a shot of Brian Beck out in the Exotic Trees.

Brian Beck staying close to the trees for the best reference points in the variable visibility and getting it all.

I left after Noon due to the dust on crust consistency. Here is a shot of The Afternoon Crew suiting up for the second shift.

The Afternoon Crew suited up and ready to play after getting the 411 on the situation. They were stoked!!

Tomorrow, look for the storm to have moved off and, perhaps, some residual clouds, but expect Sun. The Grooming Crew will make good use of the fresh accumulation and the fresh lines should be sweet with a soft flannel feel. There will still be some lines waiting in the wings, but the dust on crust thing will still be happening. See you there for the fresh fun. Dial it up, Dial it in!!

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