3-02-20 by dave

After yesterday’s storm day it was nice to get a fresh look at the hill with the Sun shining brightly, and a stout NW wind blowing to keep the morning chill going. Powder Paradise opened in Mineral Basin and The Faithful were well represented and made a bee line for the N facing aspects. I chose poorly and ended up in some serious interference patterns beautifully disguised as perfectly smooth. Ski Patrol Gully opened and The Morning Crew was on it and lapped the access before it was noticed. Here is a shot of Neil’s line off the traverse there.

Ski Patrol Gully was offering an easy foot of perfect Essence on top of a rather crusty substrate. Neil makes it look easy, it was not.

There were lot of other choices for the day, with Road To Provo opening and The Big Smooth offering top to bottom perfection wall to wall. Here is a shot of Brian Beck dialing up the Cold Smoke.

Brian Beck working the high edge angles on a Mineral Basin aspect. Keep it tight!

Tomorrow, look for more Sun, and amazing machine worked lines on all sides of the hill. I think they will be even more consistent than they were today. Look around for new and exciting additions to the offerings. Lower Lower was especially good today. There is still soft snow all over the hill, but the substrate is still in play. See you there for the first boat.

Last of the storm clouds. High and dry coming.

Speed safely!!

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