3-03-20 by dave

There was a cloud deck floating by this morning, but the Sun made an appearance for the morning session that made the visibility excellent on all sides of the hill. In Mineral Basin, Lone Star had been prepared from the top and was continually smoothed by the stout North wind that was blowing at the higher elevations. On the front of the hill, The Big Smooth had been given the full treatment, which offered dust covered corduroy that let you dial in your inner Ligety. Off trail was still variable, but the smooth lines from yesterday were still holding up. Lighter traffic made the back to back laps fun and fast with those big front side drops vacant and buffed. Here is a shot of Nancy, who joined The Morning Crew for the daily recon meeting. She got the 411 on the best lines to work for the afternoon session.

Nancy got the inside scoop up on the conditions after a breakfast stop with the Morning Crew.

The clouds moved in after Noon, making the light go flat and the visibility became marginal. I bailed when the lights went out. Tomorrow, look for better visibility, still cold morning temps. and amazing grooming efforts on all sides of the hill. Look for more of the freshly prepared lines that they have been putting in without much fanfare. Golden treasures if you keep your eye out.

Salt Lake Twins in the late afternoon Sun looking fully fat and very 3D.

Here is a parting shot of The Salt Lake Twins that I took yesterday with the clean air and the golden moment of light. Straight Ahead!!

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