3-04-20 by dave

While the morning was cool, the temps were much warmer and got down right balmy later in the day. The Groomers were excellent on all sides of the hill, but the pack is firming up on all elevations. Still, the North aspects are still holding the dry chalky feel, though the firmness is evident. The rumble and interference patterns are building up now with the traffic and lack of significant accumulation. I went out on some test lines only to make a hasty return to the smooth prepared lines. With a delay on the opening of Mineral Basin, The Morning Crew split up and went in search of the wide varieties of lines on the front of the hill. We were joined for the morning recon meeting by Joe from Attatash, who reads the reports daily. It was great to have him join the festivities.

Resisting the push to obtain smart phones, we both opt for the Flip Phone. We both have access to The SHIP in orbit.

Tomorrow, look for another day of warming temps, sunshine, and beautifully prepared lines on all sides of the hill. Mineral Basin should be good to go from the start. Watch those due South aspects that caught all that Sun today, they will be crispy in the AM. I will still be working the smooth lines and getting those high edge angles.

This couple brought the full Laurelwood Lifestyle with them today and were ready to get the Snowbird Magic going.

I expect an early push, but the lines have been fast or nonexistent. The vertical option is wide open and you can rack up as much as you can take. See you there for the morning fun in the Sun. Remain Standing!!

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