3-05-20 by dave

The recent warm weather has really been workin’ the pack, making even the lower elevations on the North side of the hill very firm and a touch scratchy. Out in Mineral Basin, White Diamonds, and Lower Silver Dipper had been prepared as well as the lower section of Lone Star, which offered smooth cruising lines, though it was evident the consistency had changed in the last few days. I was still working that left over groomed section of Upper Primrose Path that was holding the smooth, though there was some static in the line that kept you checking the speed to maintain an even ride. Here is a shot of Grace helping folks on the peak and giving them the 411.

Grace really goes the extra mile to make sure the guests have real time information and brings a bright smile to The Summit.

As the day warmed up, the pack began to soften up, making the turns feel much smoother and pliable. Tomorrow, look for another great day of rocking the smooth lines. Those due South faces were getting down right sloppy later in the day, so expect some serious crunch and chunk on those off trail aspects. The Groomers will still be offering great prepared lines, with those upper elevation North aspects still offering dry chalk.

This gentleman reads the report every day and was on hand for today’s recon considerations. I so enjoy meeting the folks that follow the site.

There is a storm coming in for the weekend, but I think we will squeeze one more day of fun in the Sun before we get back into the soft zone. Check the hill for the smooth lines so you will know where they live when the pack gets covered up. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!!

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