3-27-19 by dave

The Sun was out for the first hour, with Mineral Basin getting the best light for the morning session. The wind was pumping out of the South West, and those High North facing aspects were really getting filled up with perfect wind buffage. Those steep North facing aspects were becoming smoother with each hour, and a couple of the numbered chutes were as good as I have seen them for some time. Even though these lines were getting a lot of traffic, the wind transport kept the lines perfect all day long. Even as late as 2:30PM. you could find exceptional quality on those filling lines. On the front of the hill, more big mountain smooth had been prepared, offering ground pounding fun top to bottom and it was hard to break away from those carpets of AHHHH. Clouds began to move in later in the day and the light went flat, and the lower elevations began to get a tad pasty. Tomorrow, look for a variable day, as the incoming storm seems to have stalled a bit and the precipitation is going to begin a bit later in the day. Those smooth lines from today should still be holding up and you will want to hit them early before they start to get worked. Avoid those South facing aspects, as they will be very difficult with the Sun working them for the past few days. The Grooming efforts will be prepared on all sides of the hill, and the snow that is tilled up into the mat is still soft, cold, and feels amazing. Just a couple of those due South facing lines may be crispy, so expect the variation. The hill is in great shape going into this weather event, so enjoy the storm riding. See the Line, BE the Line!!

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