3-28-19 by dave

Nature’s grooming was the call for today, which offered amazingly wind buffed lines on the High North aspects that were of legendary quality. Not since the wind buffed event of 6 weeks ago have we seen such amazing lines offered for the opening bell. The Front had stalled and it’s move into the Front was delayed, so we go an extra helping of Sun to light the morning session. Sun windows would move in and out all day, but that first hour was amazing, with Mineral Basin getting in on the action. White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper as well as Lone Star got the treatment, which offered cold dry chalk that made those steep lines the next best thing to the natural smooth on the front of the hill. With the upper Primrose Path line buffed by the wind, Anderson’s Hill, and Lower Primrose Path getting the industrial smoothing, that rounded out The Big Smooth combination which kept me hitting the top to bottom pace to keep that back to back stoke going. The High North aspects stayed good to go all day long, with only the lower elevations getting a bit tacky. Tomorrow, look for accumulation as that front is poised to move in any time now as I write this. All those upper lines are going to be smooth from the wind work, and the interference patterns are mostly erased. The hill is in great shape and any accumulation will be icing on the cake. I got my new computer today, and I am still trying to pair all the devices and get it set up the way I want it. See you there for the freshies in the AM. IBBY!!

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