3-26-19 by dave

High clouds were moving over the Front all day long, filtering the rays, but let the details remain vibrant. Mineral Basin was the place to find the steep smooth Groomers that make you pay close attention to NOW. Those South facing aspects were very difficult and we watched many folks try to negotiate the Gnar on those faces long before any softening occurred. OUCH! On the front of the hill, wind transported lines had been blown in overnight, offering incredible wind buffed perfection that kept many folks working those lines all day long. Dry chalky lines were to be found all the way to the bottom, but as the day warmed up, those low elevation aspects began to get a tad pasty. Traffic was quite light and max vertical was on tap for the folks working the fast lane. The lights began to go out around 2 PM. , but visibility remained good. Tomorrow, look for another partly cloudy day. There is weather in the forecast for the next few days, so expect wind, and variable visibility. Look for more wind deposited lines on the High North aspects, but try and get an eye on it on the way up. Those Grooming lines will be good to go, with that still cold snow pack keeping most lines soft, dry, and feeling sweet. My computer was pronounced dead today, and I have begun the replacement process. I should be back up again soon. See you there for the morning shred fest. Straight Ahead!!!

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