3-25-19 by dave

The morning was bright and clear with a distinct nip in the air. All the areas waiting in the wings were the highlight of the day, with Powder Paradise starting out the fun. With all that dense cold product accumulating after this last cycle, most of the substrate was barely an echo on those aspects that were fairly smooth. Those due South aspects back there were still very difficult. Extensive Grooming efforts had been made in Mineral, with Dean’s Gully and Lone Star offering dry chalky goodness top to bottom. Dean’s Gully is such a rare offering, that working that line was a real treat and was attracting a lot of traffic. On the front of the hill, fresh machine work on the Primrose Path line offered that smooth carpet covered with just a bit of wind deposited dust that made it uber velvet. Regulator was perfect from the opening bell, and had a smooth dust covered feel that made it a real decision which line to choose. With the Sun high in the sky, those rays were going to begin to work the pack and staying out ahead of the rays was key. The Road To Provo opened around 11 AM. with a large group waiting for the rope drop. I opted to keep working the smooth lines stay out of the push. Traffic was very light, and max vertical was easy to get and keep the pace going. Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill. Look for the Grooming lines to be the best of the day for the early risers. Perhaps some more of those rare steep lines will be reworked, so be sure to look at the Grooming report for updates on what got the treatment. There is still a lot of soft snow on the High North aspects, but the rumble is building quickly. These are the days to explore your inner Ligety, as full platform engagement make it a snap to dig deep for the juice. Lay it over like Ligety!!!

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