1-23-19 by dave

With high wind, rime ice coating the goggles, and blowing snow, the visibility was very tough today. The Tram was put on a hold due to the wind intensity and resumed operation after an hour or so when the wind backed off sufficiently. As anticipated, the Grooming lines were epic and very consistent, letting you dial in each turn with full ski engagement. Off trail was stiffening up, but some areas were being buffed and filled by the wind transport, making those lines delightful even though you couldn’t see much. I was counting on that consistency to make those blind turns when the connection was just by the feel under foot. Here is a shot from yesterday’s Powder extravaganza, with Chase getting super deep in the medium.

Tomorrow, look for some accumulation to have fallen overnight as a fast moving impulse moves through. There will be a fresh coating of Essence wall to wall, and the hill is prime to take an added installment. I expect visibility to still be an issue and I am going to dress for storm riding. You will have to scope out the lines on the ride up to see which of the aspects got the wind work and deep smoothing. We will have to see what openings will be on tap, but you can bet that the turns will be epic once again. See you there for the fresh lines and high stoke.

In closing, Team Department 18 was on deck and taking care of the details. They are always on the case no matter where they are needed. Thanks guys. As Joe Man The Snow Man says, ” Don’t Skip On The Groove Sauce.”!!

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