1-24-19 by dave

The Faithful were in full attendance once again this morning in anticipation of some deep openings, and they were not disappointed. The Cirque Traverse and, later, West Baldy opened up, offering up some of the deepest turns in a very long time. Out on West Baldy, it had not been touched since the cycle began all those days ago and it was fully bottomless. On top of all of that, a foot of fresh Essence covered the entire hill, making any line you chose a Powder Blast. Here is a shot of Steve Fengler getting the full immersion effect out under Nirvana, and by the looks of it, it was NIRVANA.

This was indeed no exaggeration at all as it was just off the hook epic. Lower Primrose Path was given the first smoothing of the season and it was offering smooth deep pile lines that were as good as it gets. Later, when things got worked over, the harbor chop began to rise, though it was soft and blastable, but did respond nicely to a very round approach that let you feel the full platform engagement. Here is a shot of Team Borrowman, who had got it all from the word go today and were just blissed out on the perfect lines they bagged.

Tomorrow, look for an unsettled day with cold temps. and wind. Be looking for some wind work to have refilled some lines, which will be really nice to have the pitches smooth top to bottom. The Groomers will be offering amazing consistency, and there are areas waiting in the wings that are still un trammeled. I expect traffic to be brisk, so be sure to work the chair options for the best uphill advantage. They were walk on all day long today.

I stopped in at the top of Gad 2 to sit for a second and got this shot of Tyson and Bjorn who were manning the shack. I want to thank the entire Patrol and all the folks who worked so hard to make the hill safe and ready so we could experience a day like today. See you there in the AM. for continued reverberations from the last cycle. See the Line, BE the Line!!

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