2-11-16 by dave

This morning was so balmy that I was able to drive around with only sunglasses and the top down.  The carpets were smooth and nicely prepared, with only the South and West facing aspect a bit crunchy for the opening bell.  The Sun was so intense out in Mineral Basin that, even those crunchy lines would not take long to soften up.  White Diamonds was given another fresh till DSC03536that was steep, smooth, and dry which spilled into a beautifully prepared lower collector that let you explore your inner Ligety.  The front of the hill was offering very nice lines top to bottom with Lower Lower Chips still holding the smooth dry lines that have been keeping me working the goods there all week.  Interference patterns continue to build, but there is a nice cadence to  DSC03542 the troughs.  The pack is dry and chalky and is still holding the cold.  Regulator would take until 1:00PM to fully hit it’s stride, when the soft velvet smooth started to go off.  We did some lines that have still been holding the smooth as there is very low traffic hitting these gems. Here is a shot of Mark Malu looking so good.  DSC03552 Tomorrow, look for more great lines to be on tap for the  morning session.  The High North aspects are still holding the cold, and there are still some nice wind slab lines that are worth taking the time to get out to sample.  Follow the Sun for the best feel as it clocks around softening the dance floor. There is great snow sport sliding to be had all day long.  DSC03550As a parting shot, here is Julia of Living Creations, who provides all the cut flowers in the Plaza.  She was bringing in some fresh arrangements to the Forklift Chair.  They are always so lovely and fresh.   See you in the AM. for the great sunshine rockfest!!!  Speed Safely!!

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