2-12-16 by dave

Another morning of ripping lines greeted the faithful today as the Cat Crew had outdone themselves preparing some really nice drops.  White Diamonds and Lone Star in Mineral Basin were the centerpiece of the morning’s offerings back there.  As the Sun was shining brightly, it did not take long for it to begin softening the frozen pack from the overnight cold.  Fast laps and light traffic made for a morning of simply SIZZLING  fun.  On the front of the hill, there too, the Groomers were dry chalky and prepared for fun top to bottom.  Once again, the Anderson’s Hill – Lower Primrose path combination was a too good to pass up line that stood up all day long.  Chips face and Lower Lower were still perfectly smooth, and challenged your best steeps technique with a dry chalky buff that made you turn to keep from amping up too much before the compression.   Here is a shot of the Valley with an image of what Lake Bonneville might have looked DSC03554like back in antiquity.  Just Imagine!!!  The Sun did work the South and West faces again today, which provided some real Spring time conditions for the afternoon session.  Regulator got that smooth sorbet feel late in the day, that just demanded multiple laps to get the goods when they went off. Tomorrow, look for another ripping morning that will be as good as it was today.  Follow the Sun and get the best as it unfolds all day long.  The High North is still holding the cold and shots like Mark Malu were offering big mountain smooth top to bottom.  Traffic will be a bit heavier, but and early start will get you a big leg up on the vertical.  I will be taking the day off as usual, so go get those good lines for me.  See you Sunday.  IBBY!!


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