2-13-16 by dave

While the morning was bright and Sunny, there was a wind that was hinting a slight change in the weather in the next couple of days.  The Groomers were offering the high speed smoothness that has been the hallmark of conditions all week long, and today was no exception.  The consistency of the pack is really excellent for executing high edge angle turns that will not slip unexpectedly.  Off trail is offering good lines on the High North aspects that are still holding the cold despite the warmer temps.  Here is a shot of Upper Gadzooks that Tramrat sent along.  B4D3D506-CD40-4456-8866-E7EE0255BDED-1This is an example of the previously prepared lines  that have kept the smooth feel after days of traffic.  Lower Lower is still holding that smooth buffed feel and is still a go to line that will definitely keep you turning.  Tomorrow, look for some stormy conditions to be a feature, as a small impulse is predicted to push through in the AM.  Dress for a bit more chilly temps, as there will be wind, cold and marginal visibility.  Remember the smooth lines from today and shoot for the lines that are known to be prepared for fast fun.  Beware of those off trail South and West facing aspects as they WILL be crunchy and will not be softening up.  While I was not physically on the hill today, I did take a moment to check out the hill from the next dimension just a frequency away.  Here is a bleed through image that mysteriously appeared on the computer.  Hmmmm. Dave hyperspaceAlways remember, and never forget…. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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