2-14-16 by dave

There was a Valentine treat on the hill today, with the distribution of these heart shaped cookies being handed out by Neil and his lovely wife Susie for customer appreciation day. DSC03555 The other treat was the impulse which was putting down some beautiful medium density Essence that really stuck to the mat and made the morning lines smooth and tasty.  As anticipated, the visibility was marginal at best, so staying close to the trees was the best option for reference acquisition.  I took a run out to the abyss that was Mark Malu, to find smooth frosting covered lines that were impossible to see, but had a tasty feel.  I was sticking with the know smooth lines and did not stray from those.  Lower Primrose Path was really going off, with the early runs that had increasingly deep turns as the snow mounted up with every run. Off trail was a toss up, with some intrepid souls getting some fun in those smooth lines that they had memorized from previous days.   DSC03538Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation to be on tap as it was still snowing when I left and it is raining lightly here at the Trailer as I write this.  The usual Groomers can be counted on to provide the smooth lines, but the off trail may be getting a bit more cushion to mitigate the low amplitude rumble that built up in the recent past.  Visibility may still be marginal and temps. will continue to be cold, so dress for weather.  Traffic should be brisk, so get there early for the best of the day and a jump on the vertical total.   Those early untracked lines will be well worth the time to get there for the morning session.  Stay Frosty!!

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