2-15-16 by dave

We got an extra coating of fresh Spackle overnight, adding to the 3 to 4” that we received yesterday.  The high density frosting was just what was needed to stick to the old pack and cushion the crunch from the Sun effects of recent days.  High winds kept the Tram and upper lifts delayed until the weather mellowed after Noon.  The new snow felt buttery smooth underfoot, and I went looking for tree lines that had captured a bit more accumulation from the wind.  It was a treat to be able to dial in some deep arcing turns in the freshness.  When things got opened, access to the Cirque Traverse offered nice lines that have been a bit dodgy lately, but were feeling soft and consistent with the new cover.  Of course, the Groomers were smooth, with Lower Primrose Path really hitting the mark with off the wall lines  in that big natural half pipe.  During my time riding the Forklift Chair I spent time speaking with TEAM WATERMAN, who were experiencing Snowbird for the first time. I was excited for them and gave them the 411 before they got out on the hill to experience the goods that were waiting wall to wall.  DSC03557I know they will be back for a second helping.   Tomorrow, look for improving weather conditions, more terrain to open that is waiting in the wings, and much lighter traffic after the holiday weekend.  The Groomers will be offering ripping smooth lines that will support high edge angles with all the soft product to work with.  The off trail will be much improved with the new accumulation, so choosing lines off the traverses will be rewarding.  Still, be aware of the funkiness of the old pack that still has not been totally mitigated by the new snow.  Interference patterns will be rebuilding rapidly, so get to there early for the best of the day.  Straight Ahead!!

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