2-16-16 by dave

High winds overnight worked the hill over, leaving beautiful wind slab all over the hill.  There were even a couple pockets of powder where the wind transported snow rested in the hollows in the terrain. Here is a shot of my tracks punched down the middle of White Diamonds where the transported snow was boot top deep.  Just around the corner on Silver Dipper, the consistency DSC03560 was supportable wind slab that felt great indeed, but was a bit touchy as you could punch through the crust if you hit the turn to hard.  A soft light touch was the key on those steep lines.  The Groomers were off the chart buffed that let you embody your inner Ligety with each turn.  On the front of the hill, the upper lines of Peruvian Gulch had been buffed as well and were offering supportable lines that were fully filled in by the wind where they were deep interference patterns just yesterday.  Here is a great shot of the Twins on first Tram this morning looking frosty. DSC03558The Road to Provo opened later in the day, and I got some great lines there that had a bit more give, but still needed a light touch to keep things moving forward.  The quality remained excellent all day long and did not begin to chop out at all.  Tomorrow, look for more unreal Groomers to be the high light of the day, but there are lots of lines that are still holding up the smooth cold goodness on the High North aspects. West facing is much improved after the wind did it’s work, so runs that were dodgy before are good to go now.  Some of those direct South aspect may have picked up a bit of heat, so expect a bit of variability on those lines.  I went out to the Exotic Trees to see how nicely the wind has buffed them and got this shot looking up into Baldy Bowl.  DSC03568That looks as good as it was, and there is more  waiting in the wings.  See you there for the morning explorations.  See the Line, BE the line!!!

5 Responses to “HIGH WINDS”

  1. Bode M. says:

    Is Ligety the only Olympic skier you know?

  2. dave says:

    I have known a number Olympic skiers who have visited the Bird over the years. Each of them has demonstrated amazing poise and grace on the hill as well as in person. I use Ted Ligety as great example of the use of high edge angles and movement through the turn, which is the most powerful elements in off piste conditions as well as perfectly prepared corduroy. I have always tried to incorporate what I find to exemplify the highest level of the sport. There are many times, however, when I must hang it all out there like BODE to make those impossible moves that will get me though those sections that count.

  3. thiel says:

    Years ago henri duvillard paid us a visit and gave the freestyle guys a lesson on lower silver fox. Came screaming off rothmans road going about 40 on 215 gs skiis and just did the full fall line that left the bump guys speachless. Never seen anything like it nor am I likely too anytime in the near future.

  4. dave says:

    I remember when those guys were here way back then. I did not see that particular exhibition, but no doubt he killed it as he did in those Volvo Cup comps. Great times on the hill in those days, and the days still are really bringing it. Warp ON!!

  5. thiel says:

    You bet.

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