2-17-16 by dave

The wind was nuking this morning as the Sun was fading due to a cloud deck that was moving over the Front.  Mineral Basin was Hydro Velvet perfect for that first lap before the are was closed due to the high winds.  On the front of the hill, excellent grooming had been prepared and did not disappoint, with dry chalky buffed lines that begged for deep arcs in the mat.  Lower Chips Face was particularly sweet as the South wind was depositing transported snow which collected on the face.  Double treat!!  Regulator was good as well, but was getting a bit scoured, howeverm the High North aspects were getting the benefit of the wind direction.  DSC03567Here is a shot of Lower Baldy Bowl looking as smooth and buffed as in indeed was after all that wind worked it over.  The entire hill has been smoothed over by the wind in recent days and the interference patterns have been erased for the most part.  I bailed on the day after the Forklift debrief, as I did not want to fight the wind on the upper mountain where it was seriously pounding.  This wind is the prelude to a Winter Storm that is moving in for tomorrow.  The wind will once again be an issue as it is predicted to be higher than today.  Be sure to dress for a full on storm day, with falling temps. and heavy snow fall.  All lines will be smooth after all the wind, and any line will be good to go.  The High North will be favored after today’s South wind event, so look there for the big smooth lines in the AM.   Here is a shot of the perfect Hydro Velvet that was at my feet when I stopped on the hill to take it all in.   Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!DSC03561

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  1. Randy says:

    Love the Hydro’roy!

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