2-18-16 by dave

High winds rocked the Trailer all night long, not letting up a bit as the day dawned.  The wind knocked the alignment of the Antenna Array all out of whack, which was problematic, as I have Hyper Dimensional  link set up with the Blue Sphere Alliance later tonight.  Up on the hill, the wind was Nuking in a big way and I knew that the hill would have limited access, so I chose to do the required work on the array while I had a day to work.  Here is a shot looking down toward LCC with the clouds riding up over the Front like a freight train.  The sky was blue and the temps. DSC03574were super warm ahead of the front that was moving equally fast from the North.  Looking to the North, the Wall Of Voodoo was swallowing the Valley in an almost apocalyptic manner.  DSC03571In the blink on an eye the front moved through and the temp. dropped 30Degrees in seconds, and then the snow hit with a fierce intensity that is characteristic of such a frontal passage.  The lifts on the hill shut down for a time to let things settle down as the wind changed direction, and those who stuck around were treated to some very nice fresh refills all to them selves. Tomorrow, look for great conditions to be on hand with some fresh accumulation, smooth wind buffed lines, plenty of areas that never got worked, and fair weather to illuminate the dance floor.  There may be a bit of a push for the goods, so get there early to get those fresh lines.  The hill is in great shape and all lines should be offering dream like consistency.  Stay Frosty!!!

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  1. thiel says:

    Wall of Voodo. Indeed. Particularly nasty in a beautiful way. Love weather like this.

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