2-10-16 by dave

The Valley was socked in this morning, but a short way up the Canyon the Sun cracked through the mist revealing another beautiful day up on the hill.  That lower part of the Canyon had that  black ice happening as the mist freezes on the  road overnight.  Keep that little tidbit in mind when coming up in the AM.  While Mineral Basin had experienced the most effects of the direct Sunshine that bakes things back there, the Grooming Crew did a great job reviving the cold snow that exists beneath the pack.  Another exciting line had been prepared for the first time of the season, which offered very steep, smooth, dry, chalky lines that kept me lapping that little gem.  On the front of the hill, the West faces had been worked by the Sun as well and were a bit crispy until later in the day.  The Peruvian Gulch held the cold feel top to bottom, with Lower Lower still smooth steep and ripping. DSC02687 Here is a shot of TrenchZilla, who was caught basking in the Sun after leaving his signature lacerations on the freshly tilled mat.   He finally made his appearance  after some of that snow melted.  See if you can spot him on the hill.  The South faces softened up and were offering very nice spring like lines that seemed more like April than February.  The High North is still holding the cold as well, and a couple of runs out on those aspects confirmed the goods were still happening.  Tomorrow, look for extensive Grooming to be offering excellent hard driving lines for the Morning Session.  You will still find the High North offering great feeling off trail lines and are well worth exploring.  Continued warmth will be another feature of the day, but those South aspects will be crunchy as well as the West facing. DSC03532 Here is a great shot of Vince, who has been really throwing down all season long. Great to have you back leading the pace Vince!!  Traffic will be light once again and the dance floor should be salsa fresh.  IBBY!!

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