2-09-16 by dave

The sky was ultra blue this morning as the High Pressure began to fully build in.  Extensive Grooming efforts had been employed on all sides of the hill, with another special treatment on Lone Star out in Mineral Basin that offered cold dry chalky lines that kept me lapping that drop to get all the goods before the Sun started getting to it, which it did indeed after the morning session.  All those South and South East facing shots really absorbed the warmth and got quite soft.  All those exposures will be quite crispy in the AM.  Additional treatment of Lower Lower Chips was a real treat as it became even more consistent and smooth, making that last drop back country perfect.  Here is a shot of the Crew out at the Landing after a Lewis and Clark extravaganza.  DSC03527The entire Mineral Basin area has been great and the High North aspects there are still offering some nice off trail lines, some of which are wind slabbed and are offering that back country natural smooth.  Here is a long shot looking back up at the East Twin.  It is as big and fat back there as this shot illustrates, and that morning Sun really puts the shining touch on it.  DSC03529A rousing showing at the Forklift Chair had reports coming back from all corners of the hill, and the Morning Crew put together the plan for the afternoon session.  Here is a shot of Natalie, who was holding down the front of the house at the Forklift Chair.  We were giving her the 411 on the various places all the different members had been all morning.  DSC03531Tomorrow, look for continued High Pressure to be holding strong, with warm temps for the morning session.  All those South aspects will need to soften, but should be getting ripe around 11:30 AM if today’s timing was any indication.  The High North on the hill is still holding the cold on all faces, but the off trail rumble is beginning to build.  Look for those great Groomers to be offering bad to the bone full carve imperatives. You want to get those fully buffed lines when they are untracked and offering nothing but delicious.  Finally, I want to pay tribute to a TEAM SIZZLE member who has gone on to do recon work for us all in the next dimension.  Fitz May – #1- was bigger than life and I had known him for as long as I have been here.  Often times we were mistaken for each other.  I was always happy to be mistaken for him.  A great man.   Rock ON  FITZ!!!12654102_1114512875233730_4135044990335700385_n

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  1. Tom and Betty says:


    Excellent and right on words describing the truly “larger than life” Fitz May. We too knew him from our start here long ago, as he was one of the first we met – it was Dave, Danny, then Fitz. All Sizzlers, with Fitz the outlier.

    Thanks for the kind memorial, and picture too, well deserved about an unforgettable man.

  2. chris Thiel says:

    Fitz…A classic man for sure…Lived hard…Played hard…Always there for the opening bell…Back when the tram line was set up a bit different, you could always count on seeing him and many others…But he always stood out…Our gang was myself, the Bayless brothers, the Sultans of Swing…Truly Fitz May was larger than life…Rest in peace brother…May your days be filled with 18 inches of 3%…

  3. Met Fitz in the early 80’s and skied many runs with him! He will be missed. Great skier and hopefully he will be skiing in Heaven and maybe
    even having a Beer with Dick Bass. One thing for sure he and many other skiers got Snowbird when it was the best. How lucky to find Snowbird in the 70’s and skier’s like Fitz

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