4-02-21 by dave

It was a balmy morning, but the pack had frozen up and was quite crisp, especially on the West and North facing aspects. Mineral Basin was offering a fresh till on Upper Silver Dipper, which had plenty of traction, and, with the smooth surface, made that a amazing piece of big mountain smooth top to bottom. The Lewis and Clark lines were very nice as well with wide open vacant lines making it a get away place while the Faithful worked the main bowl. It was not till much later in the day that the North facing aspects began to break and Regulator and Big Emma were very slow to soften. Here is a shot of the Spring feel on The Plaza around Noon.

The lunch time crowd was taking full advantage of the warm Sun. It was take your coat off and catch some rays warm.

Tomorrow, look for still crisp lines in for the morning session, but Mineral Basin will be offering the earliest softening if you get there early. Choosing a later start time for you day will keep you from dealing with the firm conditions, but follow the Sun for the earliest softening. The groomers are offering very good traction despite the firmness and I had a lot of fun shaving the nap off the corduroy and getting first tracks on those vacant lines. You can dress down for these days and I was able to drive with the top down after Noon with no problem. Enjoy these Spring temps and dial in some of that softening snow that feels like corn goodness. See the Line, BE the Line!!!

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