4-01-21 by dave

There was smooth cruisin’ on tap for today’s festivities, with a fresh top to bottom treatment of Silver Dipper that let you dial in the wide open turns and work the aspects down the entire pitch. Lewis and Clark was offering the vacant lines with few takers that felt like a private resort. The Big Smooth, Upper Middle and Lower Primrose path, was offering amazing turns, with the upper section featuring dry chalk that felt delightful underfoot. Here is a long shot of Mark Malu which also was offering vacant smooth lines top to bottom.

Vacant lines of smooth were on tap this morning as the Sun was warming things up fast.

Twins opened for touring this morning, which was tempting, but there was so much great big mountain smooth inbounds, it was well worth working the hill for the big vertical. I do, however, miss that big tour off the backside. With the Sun warming things up fast, the pack thawed the aspects that saw the full rays. Tomorrow, look for even more warming as the Sun works the pack on the back side, though I think the early runs will still be crispy, but will have good traction. Follow the Sun for the best quality as the pack breaks. The Front side will be taking longer to break and Regulator will be very firm till after Noon. Cover is excellent all over the hill and lines are moderate and fast moving. Stay Frosty!!

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