4-03-21 by dave

The temps were very warm today, with a temp of almost 89 here at The Trailer. Still, the morning pack was fairly crispy, which did not begin to break till 10AM. Mineral Basin was first to break, but it took a while, as it will, on the front of the hill. Great prepared lines were on tap on all sides of the hill, but following the Sun was key in getting the best quality from the word GO.

The old soldier had seen many seasons, but still stands and watches the festivities in Mineral Basin.

Tomorrow, look for warm temps to continue. With the cloud cover that has moved in and out all day, I expect the pack to not freeze up quite as firmly as last night, but still follow the Sun for the best quality. I will be looking for those steep prepared lines for the morning session, as they are so rare and really keep you paying attention top to bottom. Again, a later start will get you there just as the pack is breaking. See you there for the smooth tasty lines in the AM. IBBY!!!

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