2-09-20 by dave

Residual clouds held the peaks as the sun rose this morning, but moved off as the Sun peaked over the ridge. The Faithful were in FULL attendance, with high stoke for the goods driving the push. Most of the hill was open first thing, with Mineral Basin opening a bit later in the AM. The air was cold and the surfaces were super smooth after the wind has worked it’s magic on the high density product. Here is a shot of Upper Silver Fox illuminated in that morning Sun, which is a very rare site with such a smooth face. All the rumble and interference patters were gone.

Now this is what I am talking about; smooth, steep, carvelicious, and ready for prime time.

With the high traffic I was pulled to the Peruvian Chair, which was pumping the folks up the hill quickly, and made two runs on Lower Baldy, getting Eye Of The Needle in the totally smooth mode. That is very rare indeed. I was joined by Danielle, who was making turns with snap, crackle, and pop on the perfectly smooth wind blown lines.

Danielle ready to get another lap on the Peruvian Gulch after ripping two rare lines on the new product.

When Mineral Basin opened, there were perfect wind blown lines top to bottom, which were supportable, clean, and epic top to bottom. Tomorrow, look for still smooth lines to be found all over the hill after the Spackle resurfaced the entire Dance Floor. The Groomers will be off the chart perfect as this product was the very best for industrial smoothing. I expect lighter traffic, but I will be getting there early for the shred fest. Speed Safely.

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