2-10-20 by dave

The morning was sunny and cold as the first Tram left the dock. The Faithful made and early push for the residual goods, but the uphill capacity of the chairs kept the pace fast and furious. Mineral Basin was offering perfect carpets on the Lupine Loop side of things, but the off trail was very stiff and had a lot of rumble and static that made it a rough ride. Lewis and Clark was out of sight, with silky smooth lines that were vacant and perfect. Here is a shot of the Twins and the wide open bowls filled to the brim.

The Morning Crew enjoying the warmth of the Sun and scoping out the possibilities.

The front side of the hill was also offering carpets that let you dial in some high edge angles and feel the full arc of the turn. Some clouds moved in around 10:30 AM, which cramped the visibility a bit and made the lights go out, but the consistent quality of the Groomers let you rely on the smooth despite the visibility issues. Lower Primrose Path was out of sight and offered ground pounding fun all day. Here is a shot of Team Gnar Haus, who read the site daily and were soaking up the warm rays when the Sun came out again in the afternoon.

Perfect smoothness was what was on tap and this team was getting it all and lots of it.

Tomorrow, look for another cold sunny day, with the off trail continuing to be tricky and stiff. The Groomers will be offering those insanely buffed lines that will keep you getting those high edge angles. Look for some additional lines to have been prepared, especially on the Road To Provo.

Brian Beck getting some rare smooth lines in the Main Chute off Baldy into Alta.

In closing, here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck taking advantage of the opening of the Main Chute into Alta. It is really rare to get it this smooth and perfect. See you tomorrow for the ground pounding fun. Lay it over like Ligety!!!

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